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ET Power Systems - DC Power Supplies and DC Electronic Loads

DC Power Supplies - 500W to 32kW

ET Power Systems (ETPS) have worked with members of our team at PDS for a number of years and the result is an excellent working relationship that allows us to supply excellent bench and rack mount DC supplies that are available from 500W to 32kW. Let us know what your requirements are and, whether it be for large quantity or just a 1 off, PDS Instruments and ETPS will be able to find you a suitable DC supply.




0.5kW to 12kW, 0-5V to 600V



5kW to 15kW,  0-40V to 0-1200V



10kW to 32kW, 0-52V to 0-1200V

With option for parallel connection up to 2MW+

DC Electronics Loads - 600W to 10.8kW

(up to 64.8kW with parallel connection)

A range of DC electronic loads are available from ET Power Systems. Programmable units are available and many can be provided with a LabView driver for test system integration.

Please contact us with the details of your requirement and we can recommend a suitable load.


ELP-3350 High Current DC Load

600W to 1.8kW, 0-120A to 0-360A (60VDC Maximum)



ELP-3350P High Current High Power DC Load

2.4kW to 10.8kW, 0-240A to 0-720A (60VDC Maximum)



ELP-3360 High Voltage DC Load

600W to 5.4kW, Maximum 500VDC


ELP-3360P High Voltage High Power DC Load

7.2kW to 10.8kW, Maximum 500VDC



Need something a little different?

PDS and ETPS have teamed up to offer custom power supplies so if you need something out of the ordinary then give us a call or drop us an email.

Also..... We can now supply ETPS High Power AC Electronic Loads

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