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We are the UK distributor for:

Offering SEMS; a unique measuring system for Shielding Effectiveness Measurements in MRI and Shielded Environments.



Also other Electromagnetic measuring and monitoring systems for Personal protection.


SEMS is manufactured in Italy by MPB, it quickly and efficiently measures shielding effectiveness for MRI, and other Shielded Environments. SEMS offers accurate measurement of Electrical and Magnetic Fields in the frequency range 10kHz to 300MHz.

After a successful launch in Italy, SEMS has been positively welcomed by radiation protection specialists. It offers an extremely fast method of carrying out measurements and uses the latest innovative technology, avoiding the need to use elaborate and time consuming methods requiring heavy Signal Generators, Amplifiers and Spectrum Analyzers.

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MSA-210 is a "Van Der Hoofden Test Head" used to measure human exposure to high frequency (20kHz - 10MHz) electromagnetic field radiation emitted from electronic ballasts used in Fluorescent luminaires, HID lighting and LED converters.

The method used to measure the induced current density complies with IEC 62493

The Test Head is connected to an EMI receiver through an appropriate protection network.

The software supplied enables analysis of peak values for verification of "F factor" limits.

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User Manual available on request  






PM50 & PM50D are compact personal monitoring devices for measuring low frequency magnetic exposure.

These are three axis devices, small enough to be positioned on the body without interfering with normal activity.

They have 24 hour logging facility for uploading to a PC.

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User Manual available on request



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