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Wayne Kerr Electronics - LCR Meters

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LCR Meter 4300 Series  - (replaces models 4265 and 4270)

Component Analysers 6430B and 6440B

High Frequency Component Analysers 6500B series

Low Cost LCR Meters - 4300 Series

Wayne Kerr 4300 series LCR meter

Data sheet


Comprehensive measurement functions

4300 Series LCR Meters not only measure all the parameters normally encountered in a standard LCR meter but they measure many more in addition to give a truly versatile instrument.

Standard parameters

      Impedance - Z
      Series and Parallel Resistance - R
      Capacitance - C
      Inductance - L
      Dissipation Factor - D
      Quality Factor - Q
      Phase Angle – Ø

Additional parameters

      Reactance – X
      Conductance – G
      Susceptance – B
      DC Resistance – Rdc (optional test)

Flexible full remote control

Full control and output capability is a significant benefit of the 4300 Series. Interfaces (RS232 & GPIB) are included as standard with the option to add a Bin Handler.

Fast, accurate repeatable measurements

Testing electronic components is easy with the 4300 Series. Connect the component and the meter accurately measures the value - displaying the selected primary and secondary value with a basic accuracy of 0.1%.

The Range

Model Frequency Range
20Hz - 100kHz
20Hz - 200kHz
20Hz - 500kHz
20Hz - 1MHz

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