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Wayne Kerr Electronics
Precision Impedance Analysers - 6500B and 6500P series

Precision Impedance Analysers - 6500B Series

6500B precision component analyser from Wayne Kerr Electronics

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The 6500B series of Precision Impedance Analyzers provide precise and fast testing of components at frequencies up to 120MHz. Basic measurement accuracy is ±0.05% making the instruments the best in their class.

The accuracy and versatility makes these precision instruments the ideal choice for many different tasks and applications including passive component design, dielectric material characterisation and manufacturing test.

Engineers need to evaluate component characteristics at high frequencies with very high levels of accuracy. The 65120B 120MHz Precision Impedance Analyzer is therefore ideal for
many demanding tasks, combining accuracy and ease of use at an affordable price. If a frequency range up to 120MHz is not required then the other models are available in this range.

In recognition of the potential production test capabilities that the 6500B series offers Wayne Kerr are now producing a cut down version called the 6500P series. The same high performance measurement features are there but some of the on board graphical features have been removed to reduce cost and make the units more useful in a production environment. More information on the P series can be provided on request.

6500B Model Selection Table





6520B 6530B 6550B 65120B

Freq. Range

20Hz to 5MHz

20Hz to 10MHz

20Hz to 15MHz

20Hz to 20MHz

20Hz to 30MHz

20Hz to 50MHz

20Hz to 120MHz
Freq. Step Size

AC Drive Level

10 mV to 1V rms*
200 µA to 20 mA rms*
*Varies with frequency

AC Measurements

Capacitance (C)
      Inductance (L)
      Resistance (R)
      Reactance (X)
      Conductance (G)
      Susceptance (B)
      Dissipation Factor (D)
      Quality Factor (Q)
      Impedance (Z)
      Admittance (Y)
      Phase Angle (Ø)

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