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PDS Instruments Ltd GDPR General May 1st 2018

  1. It has never been policy for PDS Instruments to send out blanket e-mails to previously held contact lists.
  2. Such contact lists that were held by PDS Instruments Ltd have been destroyed. This applies to old paper listings, which were shredded a couple of years ago, and to the company lists that were held on computer that were just deleted.
  3. The data currently held is that directly and solely appertaining to direct customer enquiries, this data is normally retained on Quotations prepared for, and sent to customers, copies of which are retained on my laptop PC and protected cloud system. Paper copies of such orders are retained as required by law, and retained in permanently locked premises, this information is regularly transferred to my accountants JSR Management and HR Services, who return all information after the required legal accounts preparation.
  4. Data relative to general administration of purchase orders received, and supplier purchase orders placed is also saved to the cloud system. This. is retained on my local laptop while such business in in progress. Once that business is complete the information will be transferred to cloud.
  5. No information is released to 3rd parties without reference to the individual or company concerned.

Data Controller - PC Fairall paul@pdsinstruments.co.uk

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