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Krohn-Hite has been manufacturing specialist instruments in the USA since 1949. Their products include Filters, Wideband Amplifiers, Signal sources and Analysers. These are specifically aimed at the professional, academic and research markets.

We offer the following range of products:

Please click here to download the 2014 Krohn-Hite Short-Form catalogue.



DC Sources/ Calibrators

Krohn-Hite DC Source/Calibrators are used for a range of applications such the design, calibration & certification of:

  • High speed, high resolution A/D converters
  • Data logging and process control systems
  • Digital voltmeters and multimeters
  • Thermocouples, strain gauges & transducers



CE marked


Transconductance Amplifier/ Calibrator

These are accurate voltage to current amplifiers often referred to as transconductance amplifiers.

The current output is directly proportional to the input voltage from a high accuracy voltage standard.


Power Amplifiers


Wideband Power Amplifiers

Precision, performance amplifiers with many applications including:

  • Meter calibration
  • Piezo transducer driver
  • Impedance matching
  • Low distortion a.c. power source
  • Ion beam deflection
  • Vacuum tube driver

and many more


CE marked


Low Noise Preamplifier


Low Noise Differential Preamplifier

Providing high gain amplification to 1MHz with output derived from a very low noise FET instrumentation amplifier and an optional DC (RMS-to-DC converted) output.

Offering fixed gain switching of x1, x10, x100 and x1000 over selectable bandwidths of 100Hz, 3kHz, 30kHz, 100kHz and 1MHz.




Electronic Analogue Filters


General Purpose Filters

Tunable Active Filters designed for analogue signal conditioning.

This cost effective range provides single and multi channel options for suppressing unwanted frequencies.



CE marking


Programmable Filters

A range of filters controllable either via the front panel of remotely via a GPIB interface. These are tunable, active analogue filters for signal conditioning. The basic function is to pass wanted signals and suppress unwanted signals, adjustable across the frequency range of the filter unit.


CE marking except 3900 & 3901


Filter/ Amplifier Systems

These are multi-channel systems for signal conditioning.

Applications include:

  • Anti-aliasing in digital signal processing
  • Separating specific bandwidths of information
  • Enhancing signal-to-noise ratio
  • Low noise pre-amplification

Channel counts from 1 to 32 are possible. All filter/amplifier cards plug in from the rear panel and are controlled via the front panel keyboard or over the GPIB interface.



Fixed Frequency Filter Modules

These filter modules and filter module boxes are a low cost solution for signal conditioning.

Applications include:

  • Anti-aliasing in digital signal processing
  • Separating specific bandwidths of information
  • Enhancing signal-to-noise ratio
  • Low noise pre-amplification

The filter modules plug into the FMB series of boxes and can be used as a component in a pc design.



Fixed Frequency Filter Systems

The Krohn-Hite 39000 Hydrophone Analogue Signal Conditioning/ Filter System provides up to 210 channels of fully programmable hydrophone signal conditioning. The 15 slot mainframe can be fitted with a variety of Krohn-Hite, high performance filter/amplifier plug-in cards.




Precision Phasemeter

Offering phase measurements with a typical accuracy of 0.02˚ and resolution of 0.01˚. Input signal levels can range from 10mV to 320V rms. Input waveforms can be sine, triangle, square or pulses.

This instrument offers cost effective precision phase angle measurement for a range of application. These include:

  • Monitoring of servo control systems
  • Testing and adjustment of filter networks
  • Controlling laser trimming of resistor networks
  • Measurement of AC power systems
  • General testing and measurement



Distortion Analyser


Distortion Analyser

The Model 6099B is a fully automatic Distortion Analyser offering an easy solution for distortion and AC voltage measurements. The instruments enables the unskilled operator to provide fast, error free results.




Function Generator/ RC Oscillator

These instruments are used for a wide range of applications including:

  • Laboratory design
  • Response testing of amplifier and filter networks
  • Production line testing
  • General testing and measurements




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