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Products & Services

To make it easier to find what you are looking for, PDS Instruments lists products by Product/Application Type and by Company Name. Click on any of the links in the lists below and you will be taken straight to the relevant page.


Power Products

Test Instruments / Lab Equipment

Calibration Equipment

Special Application Test Equipment


BNC [Berkeley Nucleonics Copr.] - Digital Delay / Pusle Generators

Berkeley Nucleonics Corp. (Digital Delay / Pulse Generators, Waveform Generators, Frequency Counters, Oscilloscopes)

ETPS - DC power supplies

ET Power Systems (DC Power Supplies & Electronic Loads)

GW Intek (Digital oscilloscopes,Digital storage oscilloscope)

Krohn-Hite (Filters, Wideband Amplifiers, Precision DC/AC source/calibrators)

Pacific Power Source (High Quality AC Power Sources)

Rotek Instrument Corp. (Precision Calibration Standards)

Sefelec (Test and Measurement)

Wayne Kerr Electronics - LCR Meter, Materials Analysers and Impedance Analysers

Wayne Kerr (Component/Material Analysers)

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