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Products & Services

To make it easier to find what you are looking for, PDS Instruments lists products by Product/Application Type and by Company Name. Click on any of the links in the lists below and you will be taken straight to the relevant page.


Power Products

Test Instruments / Lab Equipment

Calibration Equipment

Special Application Test Equipment


BNC [Berkeley Nucleonics Copr.] - Digital Delay / Pusle Generators

Berkeley Nucleonics Corp. (Digital Delay / Pulse Generators, Waveform Generators, Frequency Counters, Oscilloscopes)

ETPS - DC power supplies

ET Power Systems (DC Power Supplies & Electronic Loads)

GW Intek (Digital oscilloscopes,Digital storage oscilloscope)

Krohn-Hite (Filters, Wideband Amplifiers, Precision DC/AC source/calibrators)

MPB (Measurement System for Shielding Effectiveness in MRI and Shielded Environments

Pacific Power Source (High Quality AC Power Sources)

Rotek Instrument Corp. (Precision Calibration Standards)

Sefelec (Test and Measurement)

Wayne Kerr Electronics - LCR Meter, Materials Analysers and Impedance Analysers

Wayne Kerr (Component/Material Analysers)

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